Thursday, May 4, 2017

Shocks and Struts - Maintenance 101

South Kingstown, Wakefield and Narragansett residents know that shocks and struts are an important part of your vehicles overall safety and performance.  They help to keep your wheels in contact with the road surface which gives you greater control over the vehicle and a smoother ride.  Shocks and struts also help to give your vehicle better gas mileage. 

Shocks and struts may look like brand new equipment on the outside, but it is what is going on inside the shock or strut that matters.  They literally take a beating every time you drive your car or truck down the road.  It is estimated that even on a smooth road, shocks cycle through their range of motion about 1,750 times for every mile travelled.  This means that the shocks and struts on your vehicle will cycle about 9 million times every 50, 000 miles.  (stats and figures from -

The question I often hear is, “when should I change my shocks or struts?” The answer according to a recent article from Brakes and Front End is every 50,000 miles. 

At Quad's Automotive Service and Repair we can service the shocks or struts on virtually any vehicle.  We offer such name brand equipment as KYB, Bilstein, Rancho and NAPA Quickstruts.  If you haven't changed your shocks and/or struts in 50,000 miles - or if you have no idea if your shocks have ever been changed - NOW is the time to install new shocks and struts on your vehicle.

Call today to set up an appointment to get a FREE quote on shocks or struts for your vehicle. 

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