Friday, March 10, 2017

How to SAVE MONEY on Brake Work

ATTENTION - South Kingstown, Wakefield and Narragansett residents!  According to Brake and Front End Magazine's March 2014 edition:


Brake jobs finished in less than 54 minutes require short cuts that are not recommended, such as . . . . not cleaning the wheel hub, not cleaning and lubricating the guide pin and slides.

Buying a quality brake pad is like buying medicine. When you are buying a legal drug, you are not just paying the cost to manufacture, package and market the pill. The bulk of what you are paying for is research and development. The same is true for brake pads.

The bottom line is that the way to save money on brakes is not to spend less money when it is time to replace them. Low quality pads wear out faster and tend to have more squeaking issues than a quality pad. Low quality rotors tend to become uneven and don't wear evenly with the pad. When your pads and rotors wear out faster, you have to replace your brakes more often. This means that you will be spending the same amount in labor more often to keep brakes on your car. Buying low quality pads and rotors is not the way to save time or money when it comes to your car's brakes.

At Quad's Automotive Service and Repair we make sure that our certified technicians take the time necessary to do your brake job right. We use high quality rotors and pads that result in reliable stopping power, quiet ride and longer brake life for your vehicle. We don't claim to offer the cheapest brake job in town, but we strive to do the best quality brake job on your vehicle every time. Your satisfaction, and you and your family's safety are our number one priority.

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